Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stonehenge & chalk horses

Another exhausting day of touring. Went to the two most famous stonecircles in these parts, Stonehenge & Avbury. Stonehenge was awesome, but I love Avbury because you can walk around the stones which are right in the middle of a village whereas Stonehenge is cordoned off with herds of tourists walkiing along a roped off walkway. I also love that there is a stone avenue leading up to Avebury. It's otherworldly, and you can't help wondering about the people who managed such incredible feats of engineering. I will put up pictures, but sadly, not until I get home as I seem to have lost the cord between my camera and my computer.

The area is also full of chalk downs, and there are a herd (not quite but still) of huge chalk horses carved into the hills, the oldest being the famous Uffington horse which has been considered one of Britian's greatest archeological treasures and is thought to have been created about 3000 years ago. We saw about 7 horses, and will be off to see one more today, plus Maidencastle and the Cerene Abis Giant, another chalk figure thought to be associated with fertility.

I am loving all the history, but the country is incredibly beautiful, and it is so wonderful to have a friend like Richard who has taken the time to tour me around. More later. Sheryl

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