Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Prado

Ok, the whole getting lost thing is starting to get to me. Half the problem is that I can't actually see any of the little streets on my map; hence a lot of guess work that is not working out so well for me! Thus, the minute I'm back home, I'm making an appointment to get new reading glasses. On a positive note, while lost, I discovered the shopping area with stores like H&M. Mind you, everywhere seems to be the shopping area here, but this area was slightly less intimidating for those of us who are more casual in our appoach to dressing. Did I mention that Madridians ar very very very fashionable, even the guys! Really, I only went in the store for an umbrella because it was raining but...you guessed, I came out with two gorgeous tops, and a burning desire to buy a bigger suitcase. Having resisted the temptation (at least for the larger suitcase), I did get directions and proceeded to the Prado(see above picture which is not as good as it could be I admit). I managed to spend the better part of the rest of the day in there. I think my favourite painting of the entire day was Caravaggio's "David Victorius over Goliath" although there were some stunning Raphael's, Rubens', Goya's and Rembrant's. I also very much enjoyed seeing Velazquez's paintings (I know there should be an accent, but I'm not sure where to find it on my keyboard). Although I didn't really know him previously, I found I quite liked his work. There was a quality in the light which I really admired, especially given some of the more sombre Flemish and Italian pieces. I suppose that just shows my ignorance...sigh. Here I am, well past 50 and so much to learn.
On the way home I took a bus as I was rather beat and passed this very cool building with a living wall of green on the side. I took a quick picture, but didn't do it justice. It was absolutely spectacular, and was next to a modern building that was also quite interesting in that it had an elaborate rust coloured iron upper half that blended in with the roof

Not much more to report tonight, except for hearing that Ursula LeGuin will be in Vancouver for the Vancouver Writer's Festival while I'm away makes me homesick. I'm so sad that I WON'T GET TO SEE HER. Boo hoo. I love her books and if you haven't read her A Wizard of Earth Sea which was originally published in 1968 and is as good today as it was then, you have to do it immediately! In fact, read all of her books. You'll love her. She is beyond awesome. If you are in Vancouver, go and see her and then write me about it.

All for now. S.

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