Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye to Scotland

Had the most wonderful time in Scotland, and am so sorry to leave it. What a stunningly beautiful country. The last few days there, my friend Richard and I took the train to Glasgow and then on to Edinburgh, both of which were fabulous. Glasgow was so interesting, especially the museum where a Rodin sculpture was thrown in with a mix of unknowns and an incredible Dali hung nonchalantly in the hallway. Also did an architecture tour of the city which was incredible.

Of course Edinburgh was even more fantastic with the castle being outstanding while the new Scotland parliament was just sad; especially after $430 million lbs was spent on it.

After that, we went to visit old Roman ruins in the form of Haidrian's wall and a Roman fort at Vendelow.

The weather had cooperated until then, but the rain has set in, so we'll be heading south. Today we toured the estate where the film The Dutchess was made. Now I suppose I'll have to go see it. All for now, as I'm off to dinner.


Brad said...

Nice to hear you and Richard are having a great time, Sheryl. Didn't know he had talents as a tour guide as well as being a forester!

readingkidsbooks said...

Richard is an awesome guide, and since he's such a history buff, it's like having my own person guide. Having a lovely time.