Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orca Book Publisher is celebrating 25 years

No excuses for the lack of news aside from "the lack of news".

But I am excited to report that my friends and fellow authors, Andrea and Dave Spalding will be in town on Friday to stay overnight. We'll all get dressed fancy to attend the 25th anniversary of Orca Book Publishers. Should be lots of fun, with their children's book covers on display and a silent auction to support literacy. I do love Orca Books, and told Times Colonist reporter Katherine Dedyna just that in a phone interview. The article won't be out until the second week in November, but hey, you can all celebrate now by going out and reading, or better yet, buying and then reading, one of Orca's titles. With classics and a great new list to choose from, how can you go wrong!

And now I'm off to my pilates class so that I can drink champagne on Friday without any guilt whatsoever about those extra calories.