Tuesday, November 28, 2006


So, I'm home now and will be for several weeks after pretty much being on the road for several months. Such a busy fall with multiple trips to Vancouver, up-Island, Toronto, Arizona and Seattle. But, being home has not been quite as relaxing as I'd hoped as I arrived just in time for a major snow storm, power outages, and artic weather hammering the usually wet West Coast. I spent three hours digging out my car and shoveling foot deep snow. I trudged to the grocery store in my rubber boots (I don't own winter boots) and came home with blocks of ice instead of feet! I must admit, it is pretty though, especially now that I have power back and can make a cup of hot tea and I don't have to rely on very wet wood and an ineffient fireplace and piles of blankets to keep me warm. So, aside from getting ready to host the last Children's Literature Roundtable of the year, judge a kid's writing contest for the Canadian Children's Book Centre, and work on my next book, catch up on letters and emails resulting from dozens of school and library visits, I have glorious time to read read read....

Sadly, what wasn't waiting for me was book reviews for my new book. If you read it (The Smell of Paint), and like it, and I hope you do, think about writing a review for Amazon. Sigh...Getting a book review for a kid's book is almost as hard as getting one published! Until next time...Sheryl

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Deborah Ellis and Andrea Spalding coming to Victoria

I'm such a slacker about updating, but then I have a pretty good excuse; I've been on the road! Actually, I've hardly been home all fall, Toronto, Arizona, up-island several times, Vancouver several times, so you can forgive me for not updating. I had an absolutely wonderful time in Toronto--teaching a workshop, and doing school and library visits as well as spending time with eastern authors and illustrators which was fabulous. Many bottles of wine and great dinners later, I'm back home. Writing is usually such a solitary thing so I always enjoy the time on the road. Still, it's good to be back home--wearing my lulu lemon pants and a sweat shirt, and getting back to eating veggies and not tempting myself with deserts (I have a serious lack of will power on this one. If I see it I want it!).

I have been wearing my other hat for the last few days, organziing the Victoria leg of Deborah Ellis' tour. Of course you all know Deb Ellis, the author of The Breadwinner, Pavana's Journey, Our Stories Our Songs: African Children Talk about Aids, and the very controversial Three Wishes: Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak. Deborah will be speaking to our Children's Literature Roundable of which I am the chair. We are mostly educators, librarians, and parents, but a few authors also belong. I am very much looking forward to what Deb has to say. I heard her once before when she spoke about women and children's lives in Afghanistan. So if you happen to be in Victoria at the end of February, drop me a line to find out more details.

On a related front, we are very excited to have Andra Spalding coming to speak to the Roundtable in early December. Andrea is the author of so many wonderful books, Including Bottled Sunshine, and The Most Beautiful Kite in the World. More recently, she has teamed up with Judge Scow, a First Nations elder to write Secret of the Dance. Check out my book blog for a review. It is a wonderful and very important book.

Time to watch a little home reno tv, a favourite past time when the weather is too rainy and miserable to get out into my garden. Besides, I have to come up with some clever ideas for my fireplace front now that I've chipped away all those ugly broken tiles.

All for now. Sheryl