Monday, October 06, 2008

More Madrid

Recuperating after wandering around old Madrid for the better part of the day. I did a bit of a walk about first thing just to locate things, which was good because of course I immediately got lost. Fortunately, there are plenty of plazas and open air cafes to sip a cup of cafe con leche while you reconnoiter! I located the Prado, and will go back tomorrow as it's closed on Mondays. Then I headed the opposite direction to the Palace which is quite stunning. The guide book insists it rivals the Place of Versailles in France, and I can't say that I'd argue.

The nearby gardens are gorgeous as is the little plaza just in front with it's walkways lined with statues of people whom I'm sure I should know but don't. Sigh...makes me wish I had a friend along who knew Spanish history as well as my friend Richard knows British history. Despite my ignorance though, it is a gorgeous and vivacious city.

Once I've recouped, I'll head out again for a bite, a glass of vino, a bit of people watching, especially the women who dress most elegantly, unlike me as you can see below.
But, best of all it was 24 degrees Celsius today. I wish I would have checked out the temperature before I left! Tomorrow I'll know better; tank top and sandals.

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