Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Isle of Bute

Still on Isle of Bute in Scotland, and still having a wonderful time. The picture to the right is the local castle in the centre of town. It was destroyed by Norse invaders. Yesterday was stone circles, and an early Christian church, and an old Anglo Saxon fort. Totally awesome, especially since we followed up our day of walking with a feast of mussels and cream pie. Hard to beat! Do wish I could upload some pictures to show you all just how wonderful it is here. Richard is a fabulous host, not to mention a pretty good cook. His sheep love the leftovers too, so no smelly compost buckets to wash out...Tomorrow we are off to Edinburgh and Glasgow for a few days. We'll take the ferry & train, so will return to pick up Richard's truck at the end of the weekend before driving down to Haidrian's wall and then on to Manchester. This place reminds me so much of the west coast without all the big trees, and of course, minus the oodles of history. You hardly turn around before you see another Anglo Saxon or Roman ruin. All for now. Sheryl

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