Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another sunny day in Scotland

Having fabulous weather here in Scotland on the Isle of Bute. Visited the Rothesay Castle, 12th century, and the arts and crafts castle of the Stewarts yesterday; a gorgeous arts & crafts castle with stunningly beautiful wood & marble carvings. I especially loved the grounds though, and spent quite a bit of time walking. Then my friend Richard picked me up for another round of golf. I'm getting a little better, and he's a very good teacher. To the right is Richard and the golf course. Notice the sheep in the background. I almost hit one! Richard also took me fishing just out in the bay where I caught 10 mackerel! We had some for dinner. So much to see and do here. This afternoon we'll be off to see the remains of an ancient stone circle on the far end of the Island. In the meantime, I'm reading about stone circles, chalk horses, castles, and, of course, my sheep mystery which seems perfect as Richard has two sheep in his back garden (what we Canadians call a yard) to keep the grass down. I'm loving it here. Later...Sheryl

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