Sunday, June 06, 2010

Unhappy? Get yourself an iPhone.

md_horiz.jpgOk, I admit it, I'm procrastinating. It's raining outside so I won't be planting those pole beans or parsnips today so I told myself that it's time to do a little housework. I washed the dishes as a warm-up, and managed to vacuum the living room rug and clean the bathroom before running out of steam.  While I regroup, I thought I might fill you in on an interesting phenomenon I read about in Salon...the iPhone can make you happy.  According to a research project undertaken at Stanford University, 72 percent of students interviewed said that their iPhone made them happier.   Maybe my dissatisfaction with the day has nothing at all to do with the minuscule amount of housework that I've gotten done, or the fact that we've only had one sunny day in the last two weeks!   Maybe I just need an iPhone to make me happy!  Here's a link to the article, which, despite my flippant comment above, is actually quite good.

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