Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a day of reading

After a few days of working in the garden, I don't mean planting a few flowers.  I mean serious garden work involving taking out a tree blown down by a windstorm about 10 days ago.  Sadly, it took out about a quarter of my garden.  First I had to cut it all up into three foot pieces that would fit into my wheel barrow so that I could get it up a temporary ramp, across the deck, through the gate, and out front where I could dump it until the weekend when my neighbor will be around to loan me her truck. This took me the better part of a day since I no longer own a chain saw (yes, I have in the past been know to wield one). Then I had to dig out a stump, salvage the few plants that hadn't been trashed, and bring in 2 yards of topsoil, (about 40 trips with the wheel barrow), and then replant after a delightful trip to the nursery of course.

So, I figure after all this, I deserve a day off.  No writing, no gardening, no working at the shoe store.  Just a day of drinking tea, cracking the cover of one of the books in my gargantuan pile, and reading.  Of course I may check out a few of my fav blogs to see what's cooking, but otherwise, it's just a nice "stay in your pj's sort of reading day.   Lucky me.

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