Thursday, June 17, 2010

books and dreams

Ok, so last night I went to buy a wooden trellis, but it seems trellises are in demand these days, and everyone in town was out.  By everyone, I mean the non-trendy stores where I can afford to shop...hey, I'm an author...we don't make enough money to be trendy.  Anyways, my last resort was Home Depot, but, you guessed it, they were out too!

Just as I was about to leave they announced that the "Ladies Only How to Tile Workshop" was about to start.  I couldn't help thinking what a great book title that would make, probably written by someone like Alexander McCall Smith...but I digress.

I wandered over, sat down, was a given a free package full of helpful advice and product information, a folder to keep it all in and a free demonstration.  I was sucked in from the get go.  I just might be the next tilting queen, or not...

And how does this relate to books you might be asking.  I'm getting to that part, honest.  Sadly, I didn't come away with a trellis.  But, I did buy their book on tiling, and some sample tiles for my bathroom.  You might think that I've been roped in, and perhaps I have.  But, you won't be laughing when my sad little bathroom with peeling paint and a decrepit  heater gets transformed into something resembling the pretty pictures in my new book tiling book with gorgeous glass tiles and a heated tile floor.  At least that's the dream, and for the price of a book, and a few sample tiles, dreaming is pretty cheap, don't you think.

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