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BC Council of Families announces winners of Writing Contest

BC Council for Families has announced the winners to the writing contest in celebration of Family Literacy Day (yesterday).  I've pasted in the news release below.

Announcing the Family Writes Story Contest Winners

Celebrating National Family Literacy Day through Family Stories
Vancouver, BC – January 27, 2010 – Today the BC Council for Families is pleased to announce the winners of its first annual Family Writes Short Story Contest. Among the winning stories are tales of cherished family memories, comic misadventures, and heart-rending stories of the experiences of refugees.
The Family Writes contest challenged kids and grownups to write a story about a memorable moment in their family life, to highlight the importance of families – the love and support that families provide their members, the daily triumphs over challenges, and the fun and laughter that families bring into our lives. The stories were judged on originality, creativity and overall quality of writing.
“We were truly impressed with the stories that were submitted,” said Marilee Peters, Director of Communications. “I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this contest. All of us here at BC Council for Families have been moved and inspired by the heartfelt family stories. We’re pleased to be announcing our winners on Family Literacy Day, as a way to raise awareness of the benefits of adults and children engaging together in reading and writing activities.”
As Max Tell, one of the contest judges and a noted children’s entertainer and storyteller, commented, “Our family stories have more meaning to us than any others. They shape our values and our lives, whether we like it or not. They make us who we are. Family stories are gifts, heirlooms to be shared from one generation to another, to be remembered, cherished and passed on to those we love.”
Family Writes story contest winners will receive free copies of the Family Writes Storybook – a commemorative illustrated volume of the collected stories. 
And the winners are:
Sonny Don” by Sonny Don Van Netten. Category: Children’s Heartwarming
Trouble in Paradise” by Kale Blakely. Category: Children’s Humorous 

Heavenly Sounds” by Carolynne Scholfield. Category: Adult’s Humorous
Sands of Time” by Jasmin McKenzie. Category: Adult’s Inspirational
Daddy's Little Helper” by Gary Thandi. Category: Adult’s Heartwarming
Check out all the winning stories online at

About the BC Council for Families

The BC Council for Families is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is a leader in family life education, advocacy and research. Committed to strengthening families and family-serving professionals in BC, the Council provides research and resources on family issues, including practical, affordably priced publications on diverse family topics. Through its training, support and professional development programs for family service workers the Council ensures that families throughout BC can continue to access award-winning parenting programs such as Nobody’s Perfect Parenting, My Tween and Me, and Parent-Child Mother Goose.
About the Contest Judges:
We are honoured to have had the participation of some of BC's best storytellers, children's writers, and children's literature experts on our Family Writes Contest judging panel. Our thanks go out to judges Max Tell, Sheryl MacFarlane, Nan Gregory and Phyllis Simon. 

For further information:

Marilee Peters

Director, Communications

BC Council for Families
604-678-8884, ext. 234 |

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