Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saltspring Island

Saltspring Island was groovy as usual. The Saturday market is like going back 30 years...tie-dyed t-shirts, hippy skirts, long hair and beards, and guitar players with their cases open for donations, hand-made candles, and lavender jelly, organic smokies (vegie or turkey), plenty of pottery, fresh herbs etc. and a 5 foot nothing guy playing a digaree do & doing a little healing thing with some sort of animal bone much fun. I wish I could have stayed a second night but as it turns out, I got pretty sick the next day too but it was just as well that I headed back home since I ended up being sick for a week...a major drag.

While on Saltspring I bought the cutest little original water color painting by for my daughter's graduation and a lovely cheese slicer with wood carved handle for my other daughter's birthday. The grad was lovely although no dinner for me as I was still not doing solid food. Pictures to come soon...

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