Friday, May 07, 2010

Happy Reading, Running or Renovations

I can't believe I'm watching hockey, but here I am, in Vancouver live streaming the Canucks getting their butts kicked by the Chicago Black Hawks! After several days of helping my daughter work on her new (aka 1960's) but oh so in need of renos condo, we ordered take out sushi and are watching the game which is being played just down the road, but tickets are out of the ball park (or hockey arena as the case may be) for most YA authors, myself included. After days of slaving away, I fall into bed, which in this case translates into a well worn second or possibly third hand couch, and fall asleep after a few pages of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, by Steg Larsson. I'm enjoying the book, and would probably be farther along if it weren't for above mentioned renos. I'll get back to you on whether it's worth the 841 page read although I have managed 240 pages these last few nights.

Tomorrow I pick up my # and chip for the 10K Vancouver Sun Run which is Sunday. I'll let ya know how that goes too. It's my mother's day present to myself!

Happy reading, running or renovations...


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