Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best Selling Picture Books

Orca Book Publishers have announced their top selling picture books and guess what? I have books in first and 5th place.

1. Waiting for the Whales, by Sheryl McFarlane, illustrated by Ron Lightburn, 2002.
A gentle story that illuminates the unique friendship between grandparent and child, Waiting for the Whales also suggests that aging and death are only part of a greater cycle of rebirth and continuity.

2. Alphabetter, by Dan Bar-el, illustrated by Graham Ross, 2006.
In Alphabetter, twenty-six boys and girls find themselves in twenty-six different predicaments when the alphabet refuses to cooperate with them. In the end, the solution turns out to be right on the next page, if only they can find it …

3. Moccasin Goalie, written and illustrated by William Roy Brownridge, 2001.
Danny and his friends, Anita, Petou and Marcel, are typical prairie youngsters—hockey mad. One day a town team, the Wolves, is formed. The friends are overjoyed, but when the time comes to choose the team, only Marcel is picked. The other three friends are not chosen; Anita is a girl, Petou is too small and Danny cannot skate. Will Danny and his friends get a chance to play?

4. Final Game, written and illustrated by William Roy Brownridge, 2001.
Danny and his friends Petou and Anita live for hockey. So when they are asked to join the Wolves late in the season, they are determined to do their best for the town team.

5. Jessie's Island, by Sheryl McFarlane, illustrated by Sheena Lott, 2002.
Cousin Thomas paints a picture of city life which makes Jessie's world seem a little dull in comparison. When her mother suggests they invite Thomas to visit their island, Jessie wonders glumly what she could possibly write in her letter that would sound as exciting as zoos, planetariums or video arcades.

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