Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vancouver is a Writer's Meca and this is where I will work work work on that novel...or else!

So here I am in Vancouver, taking over another writer's house while he takes over mine. This way I get to (a)help my daughter move, paint, put up curtains, and fill her fridge, (b)stay out of my garden during prime garden distraction season when I could spend days out there and not even turn my computer on, and (c)get back to that novel I've been working on. Yesterday it didn't work as I was involved in the slogging of furniture. Today it didn't work because I stayed in bed to start the latest Harry Potter book (damn you J.K. Rowlings for getting me hooked on page 1!) and then went over to hang curtains as per above. So, tonight it's more of Harry Potter; but no excuses tomorrow...Gotta go, Harry is calling. Sheryl

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