Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Baking and Books Post from Helaine, Becker

A few years back I met Helaine Becker at a conference and she totally wowed me.  She's so much fun, and so are her books.  Just yesterday when I was browsing through the  bookstore with my Xmas list (yes, I'll be giving plenty of books for Xmas and I hope you will too) I came across A Porcupine in a Pine Tree which is a total hoot.   But Helaine has plenty more books to make you laugh.

When I asked her about recipes for my Baking and Books Posts, this is what Helaine had to say. "Mother Goose Unplucked is, I think, one of my “best” books – I love how all the very various ideas and activities in it all link together in a coherent, snarky way. There’s a lot of fun poked at Miss Goose, and her fairy tale friends! The recipes are a just a “Taste” of what’s in the book (I know, I’m terrible with puns, can’t resist them). Follow this link for Helaine's recipe

"My other favorite parts? The poem Smelly Smelly Cinderelly, and the comic strip, Old MacDonald’s Dog. "  As you can see, Helaine has the sure fired recipe for humor, so check her and her books out.

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