Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goodbye Seattle, welcome to Reno

  So far, the weather has been lovely.  Had a great visit with my nephew and family in Seattle with gorgeous sunny days.  Visited the Pike Street Market, read books with my grand niece Abby, bounced baby Chloe on my knee, and went out for a fabulous dinner with Brian and Diana.

 After Seattle, we did a long day's drive to get to Susanville, CA where we had fabulous chili rellenos in a family Mexican food restaurant before crashing.  Arrived at mum's place the next morning and have been hanging out for a few days, drinking tea, catching up on family news and going for 5k runs to burn a few calories for the out-of-proportion meals she insists on serving.

Since mum isn't into computers, we are at Starbucks in Reno, Nevada, using WiFi to catch up on email and drinking a London Fog. Not a lot of gambling going on for us though...we walked into a casino but the cigarette smoke chased us away after only a few minutes...I hear there are non-smoking places, but we haven't discovered them so far.

Time to head south tomorrow to visit Bodie, California, a mining ghost town which just might make a really great setting for a novel. I'm hoping so...I've always wanted to write something set in a mining town since my dad was a miner and I grew up in small mining towns.  It never hurts to think of the next book, even if you're only mid way through the first draft of the work in progress.
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