Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who knew Rochelle Strauss was a fan

I received the loveliest email from my daughter who is a sales rep. in the book publishing business in Vancouver. She writes,

"Today I was driving Rochelle Strauss ( author of Tree of Life and One Well) around, and we were chatting and I mentioned that you were my mum. She freaked out, because, it turns out, you are the reason that she started writing books!...she was super-excited, because you're basically her hero."

Most authors don't often get many opportunities to hear that you have influenced someone's life decisions. This totally made my week.


Rochelle Strauss said...

Hello Sheryl!'s true you are, as your daughter said, "basically my hero"! Your blog posting came up on my google now I am able to tell you personally. Waiting for the Whales had such a deep and profound influence on me...both in my academic choices and on my career ambitions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

readingkidsbooks said...

Even nicer to hear it from you in person Rochelle...and I repeat, you have totally made my week! Keep those great books coming. Sheryl

Monica said...

What a wonderful compliment!