Sunday, November 02, 2008

Walking the Camino

Walking the last few hundred kilometers of the Camino de Santiago took about 10 days, and every one of those days was fabulous, even the one where I was sick as a dog. I love the rhythm you get into. I loved all the little villages and churches along the way. I loved the way everyone was so helpful and friendly, always wishing you a "Buen Camino." Locals would put you back on track if they happened to see you walking the wrong way. It was amazing. Once in Santiago, the trip to the cathedral to was equally awesome. I attended the pilgrim's mass, and was amazed at how much of the ceremony I remembered even thought it was done in Spanish. I won't be able to load pictures until my return as my little laptop has died. It is an experience I won't soon forget, and I'm pretty sure I'll be back here again.

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