Monday, April 28, 2008

Checking in

So, back from Calgary, Vancouver, and Seattle having braved snow-storms, mechanical failures, close calls with nasty flu bugs, and way too much fun with my traveling companions, fellow authors Linda Bailey, Debbie Hodge, and Beryl Young. Traveling is exhausting, but I keep meeting such cool people that I'll probably be on the road until I'm a little old lady (likely the eccentric kind with mismatched socks and a garish pink fluorescent purse with flowers plastered all over it). While in Seattle, I met the infamous kids' book blogger, Betsy Bird (Elizabeth to me since I didn't really know her) of A Fuse #8 Production fame, who just happens to be one of my review heroes (check her blog out on School Library Journal's website) and Newbery winner, Susan Patron, who sat by me during a workshop. There were lots of other famous, but typically humble kids' authors and illustrators kicking around both in Calgary and in Seattle. Everyone in kids' books are so cool that meeting a prima donna is a rarity. And did I mention the dozen or so books that I couldn't resist...But, not much time for reading now since I'm heading for Kamloops and then Saskatoon. No matter, I'm hoping for warm weather this summer when life slows down, and I can toss a coin between the lawn-chair and a pile of books, or the weeds...And yes, of course the computer and that rewrite that I keep meaning to get to. Later, Sheryl

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